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A highly connected and influential social media networks from DIFC in terms of followership and engagement that can offer you a supporting powerful platform to expand the reach of your services and target the right audience through DIFC’s social network. You can send your social media requests once you log into the Portal.


A great platform available to our corporate clients and lifestyle tenants, which is part of the DIFC storytelling model. The newsletter will feature your offers and launches on a monthly-basis, and will be shared with the DIFC database. It is your chance to gain a first-look at what’s happening in the Centre.


An opportunity to set up a promotional booth to market your services in DIFC's Marble Walk and Gate District. It is one of the best options to opt for when you need to promote and enhance your products in the Centre. For further information and assistance, please feel free to contact on [email protected]


You can promote your services on the digital screens across DIFC for a better access and bigger reach of people in the Centre. For further information and assistance, please feel free to contact  [email protected] / [email protected] in order to obtain attractive and competitive rates for DIFC tenants.


A unique way to collaborate and bring the best of brands and businesses to the DIFC that will in turn provide a well-attended platform, which is now a great attraction for events in Dubai. For further information and assistance, please feel free to contact our Marketing Department – Events Team on [email protected].


All photography or videography within the DIFC requires prior approval in order to obtain the necessary security permits when shooting.

Retailers looking to take photos within their outlet, may submit their application using our photoshoot request form.

All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The form must be duly completed as any incomplete details will delay the approval process. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for the DIFC to respond to your request.


This Retail Marketing Guide consolidates information on marketing support you may avail of. The guide includes an overview of marketing channels you can access, along with the instructions and contact details.

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